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Closing the IoT Security Gap

Prevent IoT threats from disrupting business operations 

The IoT Security Gap

IoT technology is creating dynamic new possibilities for consumers, businesses and governments. However, connecting all aspects of your organization's business is both a blessing and a curse. IoT devices are different than traditional IT devices and create a vast attack surface that is easy for threat actors to penetrate and manipulate. Unfortunately, you can't secure IoT with traditional security measures.

Resource Constrained

Limited resources restrict ability to use agents on IoT devices.

Highly Connected

IoT devices use non-traditional protocols invisible to existing security tools.

Highly Vulnerable

IoT devices have on average 25 vulnerabilities, according to Dark Reading, and lack patch management.

Pulse from Pwnie Express

The Pwnie Express IoT security platform, Pulse, continuously identifies and assesses all devices and IoT systems, and provides the ability to respond to threats that put production systems at risk. The easy to use, agentless solution works seamlessly with existing security tools, enhancing your security program to address the IoT security gap.


Continuously discover, inventory and classify all IT and IoT devices and build a comprehensive identity for each device.


Device behaviors are analyzed to understand system relationships and then monitored to detect threats and risks to business critical systems.


Ensure the safety and compliance of critical systems by preventing business disruption with directed response and shareable intelligence.

"One of the first things you need to do to secure the internet of things is to do an inventory ... so you know what you need to protect."

John Pescatore, Director of Emerging Security Trends, SANS Institute

"Pwnie identified key aspects of our HVAC systems critical to accurate climate control for manufacturing. Protecting these systems is essential to keeping RTI customers safe and secure."

Jeff Wright, Cybersecurity Manager at RTI Surgical

“Maintaining a competitive advantage requires an ever increasing number of connected devices within our manufacturing systems and corporate networks. Pwnie Express keeps these systems and networks secure. "

Alan Waggoner, Information Systems Administrator, Siemer Milling Company

"Pulse is a versatile solution that is optimized for the ever-rising number of highly distributed organizations. It excels in centralized management of multiple locations, by running continuous network asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and threat intelligence management."

Pwnie Express is the official IoT security solution for the Black Hat 2017 Network Operations Center (NOC).