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Prevent IoT threats from disrupting business operations

Identify, assess, and respond to potential security threats in real time.
Learn About Pulse, and Secure Your Business From IoT Threats

IoT Protection To Fit Your Business

IoT devices cover a broad range of device types and protocols. And the situation varies by industry and environments. Pwnie Express has the expertise to recommend a solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

The IoT Security Gap

In the race to speed up business, reduce costs and improve services, IoT devices are being deployed at a pace that challenges even the best IT Security teams. And with the lack of security technology implemented with IoT, the limitations of existing security technologies, the attack surface is expanding at a disturbing rate, resulting in the IoT security gap.

Asset Discovery,
Classification, Assessment

For systems critical to running and maintaining your business.


Rogue Devices and Networks

Unknown, shadow, cloaked, and malicious devices create a rogue asset network inside your organization that requires constant surveillance.


Wireless Monitoring and Control

Get the visibility and enforceable policy control without agents for wireless and BlueTooth devices in your airspace.


Identify, Assess and Respond to Devices On and Around Your Network

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It does give me vulnerability visibility because it sits on my network and sits on my wireless and can tell me about Bluetooth devices that are coming into my network that I didn't necessarily know were there (Rosencrance, 2017).

Jeff Wright, Cybersecurity Manager
RTI Surgical

The addition of Pwnie Express provides one more layer of insight and visibility that will help us deliver a more stable, and more secure experience for our attendees.

Neil Wyler aka "Grifter", NOC Operations

One of the first things you need to do to secure the internet of things is to do an inventory -- knowing what things you're connected to or what things are connected to you so you know what you need to protect, That's mostly what Pwnie Express does -- and that's very key (Rosencrance, 2017).

John Pescatore, Director of Emerging Security Trends
SANS Institute


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