Find The Wireless & Wired Devices In And Around Your Network

Detect & View

Pwn Pulse is built for real-time detection and visibility of wireless and wired devices on or around your network. Pulse enables your team with central management for scalable, continuous device visibility across your workplaces, from HQ to remote and branch offices.

Fingerprint & Audit

Full visibility of wireless and wired devices in and around your network is the first step, now you must identify, fingerprint, and log these devices and their behaviors. Pwn Pulse rapidly detects and then fingerprints rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized devices that pose a risk to your business.

Alert & Respond

Now Pwn Pulse provides prioritized alerting of all unauthorized, vulnerable, malicious, mis-configured, or suspicious devices. This intelligence, not to mention interactive reporting, enables your team to make immediate decisions confidently and completely.


Get The Facts: The Internet of Evil Things Industry Report

Download this industry report to understand both the wireless and wired devices putting your workplace at risk, how to find them, and what to do.


Our Mission: Device Threat Detection

You have a device visibility problem. Call it BYOD, BYOx, IoT, or some other acronym, but the fact is every workplace of every size needs to see the phones, laptops, access points, printers, and more in and around their network.

Pwnie Express built Pwn Pulse to detect all the wireless and wired devices in and around your workplaces so you be more secure. It’s that simple. It’s that powerful.


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0% Visibility = 100% Risk

What Your InfoSec Colleagues Think

90% believe IT networks will have IoT-based security breaches in next 2 years
83% are concerned about networked rogue/unrecognized device
70% lack visibility into networked wireless devices

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