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About Us

At Pwnie Express we are passionate about closing the security gap exposed by the proliferation of wired, wireless and IoT devices across organizations. As this proliferation occurs and organizational expectations of speed and reliability grow, the task of maintaining the integrity of the network becomes an overwhelming challenge. 
Our vision is to ensure the safety and integrity of critical systems by providing visibility and continuous threat surveillance across a range of devices, environments and locations. We also believe it is important to provide technology that is simple to operate and compatible with existing systems.
Born and raised in the security community, we have focused on helping customers understand their networks from the attacker's perspective. We are the only company that detects rogue, misconfigured and unauthorized devices across wired and wireless spectrums that are open pathways for attackers.
We are led by industry veterans with deep security and IoT systems experience. With Pwn Pulse, our cloud-hosted, device assessment system powered by our award-winning sensors, security professionals can get the answers and actionable intelligence they need in a timely, effective manner.

What We Do

Pwnie Express provides full threat detection of every wireless and wired device in and around your workplace. We are the only company that detects rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized devices across wired and wireless spectrums. By automating wireless and wired device detection, our solutions continuously detect the devices on or around your network that are open pathways for attackers.


Why We Do It

To arm your security team. Our customers are using the industry’s only solution to detect and fingerprint any device, from phone to thermostat. We partner with our users so that they not only see all the things, but also have the correct intel to prioritize security response, reduce alert fatigue, address all vulnerabilities, enforce BYOD policy and accelerate incident response.


Security Policy

At Pwnie Express, we strive to keep our products as secure as possible. If you find a security issue with our products, we encourage you to let us know so that we can fix the issue and provide our customers with the most secure products possible.

Please submit any issues to security@pwnieexpress.com, and include all relevant information for reproducing the issue.

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Thank you for helping to make our products more secure!

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