Turn Your Android Device into a Pwning Device

At DEFCON 24 we announced the Android Open Pwn Project (AOPP) that released the software for both the Pwn Pad and Pwn Phone into the community.  Not only did we release the software itself, we also open sourced the build system used to create ROMs for new devices.  In short anyone can now build their own Pwn Phone or Pwn Pad from our existing image library, and build new ROMs to support new Android devices.


Build Your Own Pwn Phone as Seen in Mr. Robot

The Android Open Pwn Project (AOPP) is a network security variant of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Its product - called Pwnix - is the first Android ROM built from the ground up for network hacking and pentesting. Pwnix runs the latest Pwnie Express tools and services, such as real-time bluetooth and wireless discovery, hosts the latest Kali Linux (Rolling Edition) environment to provide all the network security and pentesting tools users need.

Some other cool features

  • Custom and enhanced user options and settings
  • Fine-grained permission control for all Android apps and services
  • Global language support
  • Pwnie Express Installer and OTA (over-the-air) update system

Easy to Install

Even better: Pwnix is easy to install and keep up-to-date: the Kali Linux environment, Pwnie Express pentesting apps and scripts, and Google Play Services can be installed and updated on-device. You can install Android apps and Debian-based packages of choice to build and customize the mobile experience and network security tool set to fit your needs.

AOPP Resources to Get You Started

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