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10 Reasons Why Pwn Pulse Will Save You Time and Money

Sara Kantor   Sara Kantor | 10.21.14 | Enterprise, Penetration testing, Blog, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

1. Real Time Wired, Wireless, and Bluetooth Asset Discovery

Pwn Pulse allows you to automatically discover both wired and wireless assets and helps security professionals locate rogue devices and create a comprehensive list of network devices and exceptions that may be noncompliant or harmful. Pulse detects wireless and Bluetooth devices, unlike software-agent-based solutions, so Pwn Pulse can let you actually “see all the things”.

2. Vulnerability Scanning and Validation

Runs a custom vulnerability scanner on a schedule determined by the user and visually displays aggregate data and trends while allowing technical users to drill down into the details. So you can know what’s out there to get you.

3. Penetration testing

Users can run custom scripts and assessments remotely through Pwn Pulse to further test and validate security gaps revealed by routine vulnerability scans. It’s the classic Pwnie pentesting experience.

4. Analysis of security information across a distributed network

Analytics allow users to visualize trends across the company and/or within a remote location including  a comprehensive view of assets and vulnerabilities discovered by specific sensors or groups of sensors. Results are graphically displayed on an intuitive dashboard.Because big data has taught us that more information is better… (but only when it’s organized well)

5. Frictionless Plug and play deployment

Easy to deploy without the need to install and manage agents, Pwnie Express sensors are plug-and-play, so employees in remote locations simply plug the sensors into the network. Pwn Pulse is the perfect solution for a company without technical resources at its remote sites - my grandmother could plug in a Pwnie sensor!

6. Centrally managed, easy-to-use graphic interface

Security professionals can both see its output and control its capabilities remotely. Pwn Pulse is designed to be integrated with System Integration and Event Management (SIEM) software, but even without SIEM software Pwn Pulse is the aesthetically pleasing way to assess security - anybody can see how beautifully secure your remote sites are.

7. Safe and Secure - even Dave Kennedy of TrustedSec thinks so!

Sensors are pre-configured to only communicate with their central management server, all communications and databases are encrypted, and all services are segmented to provide the highest level of defense. Because a security tool should be secure.

8. Customers love it!

You’re not the first one to use it, and people seem to like it so far:

  • It’s a “solution that allowed me to do these scans more frequently and without having to be onsite.”
  • “It allows us to have true policies in regards to our networks and computers and a true way to test that. It gives us the ability to not only have the policies on hardening our hardware but also a way to verify that it’s where it’s supposed to be.”
  • “It solves the pressing problem of continuous and comprehensive assessment of remote locations.”

 9. Enterprise Capable

Pwn Pulse is designed to be a highly scalable solution capable of supporting thousands of sensors at remote locations. Each sensor reports back to its central console and users can remotely control individual sensors for penetration testing. This Pwnie grows with you.

10. It can find that *rogue* printer in your office

All jokes aside, wirelessly-connected printers are a problem.

*If you really want to read the dry stuff, Pwnie Express has also released a press release on Pwn Pulse.*



Tags: Enterprise, Penetration testing, Blog, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

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