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Crunching the Numbers: A Snapshot of Security

Sara Kantor   Sara Kantor | 09.11.14 | Penetration testing, Blog, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

Here at Pwnie, we want to know just how we're helping the industry. So we conducted a survey of you and your peers -- hundreds of IT security professionals last month.

The survey found that 40.6 percent of you have no visibility into your wireless assets at remote sites. That's right - zero. As wireless becomes omnipresent and businesses are increasingly distributed, often with hard-to-reach branch offices and remote sites, this could potentially spell disaster. TJX, anyone?

Additionally, the survey found that this may be because 43.9 percent of you are not even required to assess the wireless assets at your remote sites. And on top of it, even when assessments are taking place 53.6 percent of the time they are only happening quarterly or less. The survey also revealed that despite increasing compliance mandates, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), 51.8 percent of you said they did not conduct penetration tests at remote locations.

Many of you have expressed to us how they would like to do more penetration testing and have full visibility into both the wired and wireless assets at all of your locations. The intentions are there, and so were many of the open-source tools, but by packaging these tools we at Pwnie Express are trying make it easier for the security community to effectively use them across the organization.

Here is the official press release.

Tags: Penetration testing, Blog, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

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