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The Android Open Pwn Project (and You)

Pwnie Express   Pwnie Express | 07.27.16 | Mobile sensors, Penetration testing

The Pwn Pad doesn’t need an introduction - its predecessors have been hailed as high performance hacking machines and the world’s most powerful mobile penetration testing platforms. But now the Pad is part of something new: the Android Open Pwn Project.

The Android Open Pwn Project (AOPP) is a network security variant of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Its product - called Pwnix - is the first Android ROM built from the ground up for network hacking and security. Pwnix runs the latest Pwnie Express tools and services, such as real-time bluetooth and wireless discovery, hosts the latest Kali Linux (Rolling Edition) environment to provide all the network security and pentesting tools users need, and integrates with Pulse for data capture, alerting and analysis.

Some other cool features:

  • Custom and enhanced user options and settings
  • Fine-grained permission control for all Android apps and services
  • Global language support
  • Pwnie Express Installer and OTA (over-the-air) update system

Even better: Pwnix is easier to install and keep up-to-date than ever before: the Kali Linux environment, Pwnie Express pentesting apps and scripts, and Google Play Services can be installed and updated on-device. Whenever, wherever.  It’s also easily extensible - users can install their Android apps and Debian-based packages of choice to build and customize their mobile experience and network security tool set to fit their need.

Need a Pwn Pad on Kindle? The project is waiting for you - our collective imagination is now the limit.

Access the AOPP

Tags: Mobile sensors, Penetration testing

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