Got a FitBit? A really swanky Bluetooth speaker? Pretty sure they're insecure and need a way to prove it?

The Good

We're excited to announce the official release of Blue Hydra, a near real time Bluetooth device “telling you if it’s there” mechanism for alerting you to the presence of Bluetooth in your airspace. 

While there are already a number of Bluetooth tools already out, there's not a lot of stuff today that tracks Bluetooth low energy at all. As a sniffer, Blue Hydra automatically performs a couple of queries on the devices it sees. We can get things like the device name, firmware version, Bluetooth version they’re running, manufacturer, and what services the device offers.

The Bad

Bluetooth is everywhere, and it's frequently insecure.

The Awesome

Security is difficult: that's why we built Blue Hydra to make it easier. The tool is as near to real-time as you can get without multiple Bluetooth dongle and for our mobile sensors, Blue Hydra can continuously update and get better information in the local UI, so instead of seeing a mess of data you're only seeing the best information that you can get. The aerodump-ng-like display of devices around the area include how long has it been since I’ve seen it, MAC address, name, class, manufacturer. In addition, Blue Hydra is now included in Pulse as real-time Bluetooth detection.

See How Blue Hydra Works With Pulse See Blue Hydra in Action