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Compliance 101

Sara Kantor   Sara Kantor | 11.12.14 | Compliance, Blog

Here at Pwnie we have recently become very interested in compliance, and there is a lot to be interested in - compliance is important, often complicated, and vital to enterprises across the world.

Our friends over at IT Governance wrote a recent blog on the highlights of PCI DSS 3.0, and as they rightly point out, one of the most important parts of the new guidelines is its stress on security as a shared responsibility. No one person or part of the organization is fully responsible for security - while a CISO may have purview over the matter, he has no control over what each and every employee does and it is each employee's choice to comply (or not) with the mandates. This is one of the reasons that Pwnie Express helps with compliance mandates - with full visibility into all of your wired and wireless assets, determining whether or not your employees are being compliant becomes a much easier job.

However, many of the experts we have spoken to have pointed out that there are even simpler things that can help you begin to both be compliant and secure.

  • Properly segment your network
  • Know what’s out there
  • Educate your employees


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