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Make Your Holidays Happy and Cybersecure

Ken Savage   Ken Savage | 12.20.16 | Security, Infographic

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but we can’t forget about taking a few basic steps to keep ourselves safe. 

Traditionally, many always check electrical connections around the tree and holiday lights and inspect the fireplace ashes for burning embers.

But, there is a new tradition – checking your cybersecurity. When you come back to your office in 2017, you and your work colleagues will come with new devices of all kinds that could create new problems for your office IT team.

At Pwnie Express, we suggest you create a simple office policy that will help ensure your team is not be tracked, monitored, and violated by threat actors.

Here's a graphic we put together to think about some of those office gifts or toys from home that people might plug into your network for fun but COULD be bad



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