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Pwnie Express   Pwnie Express | 01.14.14 | Penetration testing, Blog, Bluetooth, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

I want to explain my excitement about joining the Pwnie Express team and talk about what we are doing. I am excited to join Dave Porcello. For those of you who are new to Pwnie Express, Dave founded the company after he developed a way to easily assess the security of remote locations with low profile Pwn Plugs that work the moment they are plugged in. He then created a very cool Pwn Pad to arm mobile security professionals charged with protecting their organizations.

A couple of years ago, Dave left his day job and started selling these stealthy plugs full time out of his basement in Vermont. The Pwn Plugs and Pads are smart and pack an incredible amount of capability into a small device, costing just over $1,000 dollars each. These powerful, low profile little gems can see all the wired and wireless connections in a location and that’s only the beginning of what they can do. 406 Ventures and Fairhaven Capital invested in Dave and his idea and I had the opportunity to join him.

We now opened a small office in Boston’s Seaport and maintain our research lab in Vermont. We are building a team that is focused on continuing to make it incredibly simple to see all the things in your remote networks, wired and wireless, and know if and how your network security is working.

Most companies have limited knowledge of what's going on in remote locations because assessments are costly and difficult to conduct in distributed enterprises with far flung branch offices and firewalls by design limit visibility and testing. Because Pwnie Express operates without compromising security policies and the devices can be easily shipped and plugged in, we make it effortless for organizations to monitor all of their remote locations from one point.

Stay tuned as we develop new, straightforward and more powerful devices as well as a secure central service that will make it simple to see and know about all the things running in your remote locations.

We believe it is important to make it easy for organizations to improve their network security while dramatically lowering the costs to assess remote locations.

Tags: Penetration testing, Blog, Bluetooth, Vulnerability scanning tools, Wired, Wireless

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