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SINET 16 (Awards and Innovation)

Sara Kantor   Sara Kantor | 11.19.14 | Enterprise, Blog

We at Pwnie are beyond proud and excited to announce that we have been selected as one of this year’s SINET 16 Innovators. SINET, according to its site, selects these companies as the “best-of-class security companies that are addressing industry and government’s most pressing needs and requirements.”

SINET stands for “Security Innovation Network,” an incredible organization that promotes innovation, business development, and awareness of smaller companies. Their interest in smaller companies is fairly unique, but one that is more necessary in the security space than in many others. Though innovation is necessary in any industry, information security is reliant upon innovation to face new and increasingly sophisticated threats.

One of the most exciting things about InfoSec is that there is a constant push forward. In the words of SINET Chairman and Founder, “For those of us in the cybersecurity space this is an exciting but critical time.” It is certainly an intense time for cybersecurity: the U.S. Postal Office was breached, the State Department was targeted, and data breaches are becoming so common and so huge that Information is Beautiful was able to create this incredible infographic that clearly demonstrates that the breaches have gotten bigger… and more frequent.

Here at Pwnie the increasing urgency in the cybersecurity space has inspired us to move forward. Innovation has been one of the Pwnie Values since the beginning, and we are truly grateful to know that it has paid off.

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