First Things First 

We have decided to no longer sell Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad devices.


We have our reasons (which we'll go into), but don't worry. While they’re being discontinued as commercial products, they’ll live on as part of an open source project. You won’t be able to buy them from us anymore, but they’ll actually be more open and available than ever before.

Our focus now will be on the Android Open Pwn Project (AOPP), a hacking variant of the Android Open Source Project that we released last year ( It has everything you need in order to keep using these devices, download the ROMs or build them for yourself, modify them and contribute back to the project.


Without drowning you in details, here are five things we’d like you to know about our decision to discontinue the Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad, and the start of something bigger and better.

Top Five Things We'd Like You to Know About Our Decision

  1. They aren't sustainable as commercial products. Making them was actually the easy part (sort of). Maintaining a reliable supply chain for them was not. High price tags, inconsistent inventory and things like manufacturer recalls made revising the hardware and keeping it in stock a never-ending battle that took our attention away from the product itself.

  2. They belong to the community. For years now, security professionals from all over the world have used a Pwn Phone or Pwn Pad as part of their pentesting arsenal, which made handing this off to the community a no-brainer. These devices wouldn't exist without you, and we wouldn't be living up to our values if we didn't do something about that. 

  3. We can contribute more this way. By separating the platform from the hardware, we can focus on making it more capable and more robust than ever. We can also port it to support more devices. A lot more.

  4. You can contribute more this way. Even though it's always been open source, you didn't really have a way to help improve the platform. Now you can contribute back,  review changes before we make them and suggest your own.

  5. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. At one point, these devices were at the forefront of our commercial products. Our focus is now on providing continous detection and monitoring of wired, wireless, and IoT devices within enterprises, but it's important to us that we never forget where we came from. This project will make sure we don't.

Thank You

To all the hackers, penetration testers and security professionals out there — thank you for your enthusiasm and support for the Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad. Watching what you all did with these devices is what kept them going. To the few team members over the years who made them what they are — thank you for your contributions. And thank you to all of those who kept reminding us how cool the platform was and why we were doing it.


Continued Support

We’ll be working closely with customers and community members to make sure all your questions are answered, including those about what to do if you already own a Pwn Phone or Pwn Pad. 

Customers that have Pwnie Care or are under warranty will still be covered for the duration of their support agreement. However, support for these products will no longer be offered for renewal. We have developed a support FAQ for Pwn Pad and Pwn Phone customers at

You can find everything you need to know about AOPP at and can sign up to be notified about new supported devices and other related developments. Until then, good luck and have fun.


Special Thanks to Contributors

Over the years many talented people have contributed their time freely in support of the community drive and passion behind the mobile line project, helping to add cutting edge features and Pentesting tools that made the mobile Pentesting devices as capable as a laptop.  A special thanks goes out to those folks from the community who made this possible out of their own passion and abilities to improve the platform:
  • Zero_Chaos (kernel development and all the things)
  • J0hnny Brav0 (brav0hax) (EasyCreds - freeradius)
  • Ronin (Bluetooth stuff n900 and mobile line)
  • Snafu (various scripts n900)
  • PP (proxmark3)
  • Savant (proxmark3)
  • SteveMcGrath (dofler)
Special thanks to people on the Pwnie team who took, and continue to take, the Android platform to new level:
  • Tim Mossey
  • Rick Forena 
  • Dallas Winger