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I bet you're looking for more information about the Pwn Phone we created. I'm also going to tell you how you can build your own Mr. Robot phone.

We love Mr. Robot because not only does it make a very strong point to depict accurate hacks and use of technology, but it shows just how vulnerable our society and businesses are to hacking via connected device.

A vast majority of the hacks performed by fsociety are done via devices - femtocell, raspberry pi, & Bluetooth sniffers just to name a few - including the ultimate hack of E-Corp’s datacenter in season 1.

These are real threats that exist and are being exploited by criminals to gain unauthorized access and steal data from companies today.  

Pwnie Express is all about protecting companies from device threats, so to see a popular, cutting edge show bring this to the forefront and actually be part of it, is quite exciting.

Mr. Robot Episode Details - The Pwn Phone

In the 8/31 episode of Mr. Robot, Elliot uses a Pwn Phone as a mobile platform to run a custom script he has written, CrackSIM.  CrackSim’s goal is to find vulnerable SIM cards and then cracking the DES encryption of that card.  Elliot then loads a malicious payload onto the SIM card, to Pwn the phone.



Details about the Pwn Phone

The Pwn Phone is a cutting edge sleek LG Nexus 5 phone that doubles as a powerful penetration-testing device, making it incredibly easy to evaluate wired, wireless and Bluetooth networks.

The most portable pentesting device yet, the Pwn Phone custom Android front-end and ‘one-click’ pentesting applications and software updates render it the ideal choice for pentesters who are on the road or conducting a company or agency walk through. The high-speed, lightweight smart phone features a 4.95” HD touch screen and includes more than 100 of the most popular open source testing tools.

Now Watch What the Pwn Phone Can Do

Wistia video thumbnail - Pwnie Express Pwn Phone Demo

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