IoT Security Leader Enables Security Teams to Quantify and Address Risk from IoT and Connected Devices in the Enterprise

Boston, MA March 15, 2017–  Today Pwnie Express announced availability of the Device Risk Scorecard® the first solution to provide risk assessments of security threats from IoT devices in the enterprise.  This new capability is part of Pwnie Express’ industry leading device threat detection platform, Pulse, enabling security teams to detect, assess and respond to the security gaps exposed by IoT, BYOD, and connected devices.

 The Device Risk Scorecard assesses the business risk introduced by connected devices by computing risk scores across four major categories: Wireless Infrastructure Configuration, Device Connection Behavior, Device Configuration, and Shadow IT & Rogue Devices.

 “Connected devices and the IoT are exposing new security gaps unaddressed by existing solutions,” said Pwnie Express CEO Paul Paget. “Beyond visibility, security solutions must provide an understanding of the actual business risk introduced, a prioritized list of threats and detailed steps on how to address them.  This is exactly what our new scorecard does.”

 In addition to presenting a risk score for connected devices, the Device Risk Scorecard provides detailed findings on how these devices put a company at risk for data loss, compliance violations (CSC, HIPAA, NIST, PCI, SOX), or critical network outages.  Each finding is paired with specific instructions on how to mitigate these risks.

 “Like many healthcare organizations, wireless devices play an ever increasing role in critical aspects of our business from patient monitoring, to payment processing, and even administering medicine to our patients,” said Shawn Campbell, Chief Information Security Officer, Ciena Healthcare. “The Device Risk Scorecard provides a critical vantage point I have not seen in other solutions, a business level view into the risk to my mission critical devices, enabling me to best prioritize the limited resources on my security team.”

 Pwnie Express is also announcing the availability of a new professional service, the Device Risk Assessment. This new service leverages the Device Risk Scorecard and provides a 30-day assessment of a company’s environment performed by Pwnie Express’ experts or one of their certified partners.

 “With the explosion of devices in the Enterprise, our customers are struggling to get a clear picture of the security gaps that IoT and connected devices are exposing,” said Jeremy Wheeler, Senior Solutions Architect, Alpine Cyber Solutions, a Pwnie Express Partner.  “The addition of the Device Risk Scorecard enables us to not only give our customers a clear assessment of their risk from connected devices, but to actually provide an ongoing detection and mitigation solution as well.”

 More information on Pulse and the Device Risk Scorecard can be found here

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Pwnie Express addresses the attack surface exposed by BYOD, IoT and connected devices in the enterprise. By continuously discovering, monitoring and assessing all devices on and around a company's network, Pwnie Express provides security professionals the ability to detect, assess and respond to device based threats, including misconfigured, unauthorized, and malicious devices. 

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