Award recognizes Pwnie Express for product innovation and leadership in IoT Security

Pwnie Express, the leading provider of device threat detection for wired, wireless, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has been inducted into the SC Magazine's Industry Innovators Hall of Fame. Induction into the Industry Innovators Hall of Fame is a noteworthy honor, reserved for three time SC Magazine innovator winners who "show creativity and innovation in product, business practices and go-to-market strategy."

SC Magazine's Technology Editor Peter Stephenson said Pwnie Express "has a very interesting history that, perhaps, could not really have predicted where it would end up today. The earliest Pwnie Express tools were for remote pen testing from inside the network. Today, of course, that still exists, but there is a lot more to the Pwnie Express lineup. Its tools set provides continuous monitoring and detection, identification and classification of wireless, wired and Bluetooth devices."

"I want to thank SC Magazine for this great honor. This award is a great testament to Pwnie Express - our past and present," said Paul Paget, CEO Pwnie Express. "We take tremendous pride in providing innovative, easy to use solutions that help security teams address the new threats introduced by BYOD and IoT." Pwnie Express enables IT security teams to identify, assess, and respond to devices threats introduced by BYOD, IoT, and rogue devices. The Pwnie Express plug and play SaaS platform continuously monitors all devices across the enterprise, including remote sites, and automatically detects high risk devices putting an organization at risk.

Read about the Industry Innovators Hall of Fame here.

SC Magazine's print edition hits newsstands on December 23. The Pwnie Express team also wants to congratulate the other companies SC Magazine selected this year: Catbird Security, Good Technology (BlackBerry), and PhishMe.

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