Enterprise Security Intelligence

Pwnie Express is changing the way companies conduct network vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, providing actionable security intelligence in hard to reach areas such as branch offices, retail locations and remote facilities.

Pwnie Express - Enterprise Network Intelligence

Citadel PX is an enterprise-class solution designed for security officers to manage as few as 5 to as many as thousands of locations, Citadel PX makes it easy to deploy multiple PWN Sensors, Plugs and even manage PWN Pads. Configure the PWN sensors  sensors or PWN virtual sensors and plug them in remotely to immediately see results, connecting back to the central console and continuously monitor the network.

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Citadel PX:

  • Centralizes control and visibility of vulnerability assessments and pentesting
  • Builds on open source security tools
  • Delivers a flexible, customizable and scalable platform
  • Allows for easy integration with existing tools and processes
  • Ensures comprehensive coverage of the distributed enterprise
  • Provides actionable information within minutes
  • Assesses endpoints and traffic on wireless and wired networks
  • Addresses increasing compliance requirements (PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA)