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Pulse: IoT Security Platform





IoT security starts with visibility. Pulse discovers, inventories and classifies all IT and IoT devices and builds a comprehensive identity for each device. Device discovery and classification is performed on a continual basis, without the need for agents or network changes.

Discover & Inventory All Devices

Discover all IT and IoT devices — wired, wireless and Bluetooth — on the network and in the surrounding airspace.

Capture Device Snapshots

Automatically create comprehensive fingerprints of devices consisting of manufacturer, vendor, ports, services, associated networks, encryption, IP address, hostname, features, MAC address, OS, connectivity, etc.

Establish Device Identities

Correlate interfaces, analyze snapshots and evaluate device relationships to create individual device identities and track their behavior and changes.


Pulse continually monitors the behavior of devices and associated systems for indicators of compromise or sabotage, then creates actionable intelligence for threats and risks.

System Relationships

Group devices into systems based on relationships, device behavior and business role.

Behavorial Monitoring

Continually monitor IoT devices and systems for changes in behavior and configuration.

IoT Threat Intelligence

Detect threats and risks and gain the actionable intelligence required to address them.


Respond directly from Pulse to neutralize IoT device threats, or share intelligence with existing security solutions to take actions. Pulse provides the intelligence and directed response options you need to protect your critical systems.

Directed Response

Select the appropriate response to address identified IoT threats directly from Pulse.

Shareable Intelligence

Enhance existing security solutions by sharing IoT threat intelligence with the rest of your security stack.

Detailed Device Forensics

Re-create incident conditions and forensics with detailed forensics for every device seen.

See Pulse in Action

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