Pulse Device Threat Detection

Pulse provides continuous visibility and detects rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized wireless, wired, or Bluetooth devices on or around the network. The SaaS platform automatically monitors, fingerprints, analyzes, and alerts on the behaviors of all devices at any location, and is built to work seamlessly with existing security tools.

Powered by easy-to-deploy, plug and play sensors, Pulse allows security teams to remotely, securely, and effectively assess their entire infrastructure. With Pulse Analytics, devices are automatically tagged and security teams are alerted to any suspicious or rogue devices.


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Penetration Testing Hardware

Built to be mobile and effective pentesting tools, our penetration testing hardware come in a variety of form factors for any pentesting approach, no matter where you are. From the portable Pwn Pad to the powerful Pwn Pro, Pwnie builds threat detection products for everything from one-off site surveys to commercial compliance testing.


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Community Editions

Defend your network by building a mobile-ready Pwn Phone or Pwn Pad or one of the original Pwnie sensors.


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