November 13, 2014  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

CISOs and IT security experts agree that PCI DSS is one of the most important and influential information security standards for retailers, banks, credit unions, payment processors and just about anyone who handles credit, debit or payment cards. Organizations often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, hire Qualified Security Assessors, conduct rigorous audits and assessments, apply new patches and new technologies, and at the end of the day, remain targets for hackers, fraudsters and thieves who find a way to break in anyway. 

Is it possible for an organization to be deemed ‘PCI compliant’ and still be vulnerable to the most devastating attacks? Can treating PCI as a ‘checklist’ actually be a threat to your organization? 

Hear from CISOs, QSAs, and technical experts what you can do to not only achieve compliance but go beyond to ensure security. 

FORMAT: Roundtable discussion webinar, sponsored by Pwnie Express 

- Jamil Farshchi, CISO, Time Warner on the ideal PCI environment 
- Robb Reck, CISO, Pulte Financial Services on additional security frameworks 
- Nikk Gilbert, CISO, CUNA Mutual Group on challenges in meeting PCI across a distributed organization 
- Aaron Reynolds, Managing Principle QSA, Verizon on difficulties facing organizations 
- Chris Nelson, Director of Security, Rally Software 

MODERATOR: Mark Rasch - Chief Privacy Officer - SAIC