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Rogue Device Detection & Access Point Protection

The proliferation of wireless devices brings unprecedented challenges for wireless network security. Detect rogue devices targeting your network and seal the entryways before malicious hardware finds its way in.

Keep Unauthorized Devices Off Your Network

Modern devices can have multiple communication paths, and each of these can become a security risk if they aren’t detected, evaluated, and managed instantly. Doing this at scale across an entire enterprise network means evaluating thousands of devices and each of their communication pathways. Pwn Pulse automatically tracks all devices on your network and alerts you when a rogue or unauthorized device enters its proximity.


What are rogue devices?

Rogue devices are designed to capture sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, keystrokes, and more. They breach Wifi networks, wireless access points, wireless devices, and Bluetooth devices to directly compromise or disrupt processes and/or steal valuable information to support the reconnaissance activity for an attack on the network. Some common rogue devices include:


Criminals can cheaply install rogue access points and gain network access via that connection with unauthorized devices. Unsuspecting employees can also be lured or even forced into joining fake wireless networks and rogue devices can gain access this way. Both of these methods are easily detected by Pulse.


Criminals can set up devices to eavesdrop on wireless phone calls, sniff Bluetooth traffic from employee-owned devices, and capture authentication handshakes by finding and exploiting vulnerable access points, wireless encryption, and Bluetooth protocol. Pulse can detect these devices in your airspace.


Drop boxes are made with purpose-bought hardware or rigged routers. A drop box can be plugged into a network to stand up rogue access points, and then a criminal can run wireless attacks from within the office, causing damage inside the network. Pulse would note this rogue access point as a threat immediately.


Wireless credit card skimmers can grab data from your credit card without touching it. Other card readers on entryways can be compromised to transmit information to a another rogue device. If these devices are communicating within your airspace, Pulse will detect the Bluetooth or wireless signal and alert you to the rogue device.


Wireless keyloggers plug into the keyboard connection in line and can store all of the keystrokes entered on a compromised machine. Criminals connect remotely with an unauthorized device via Wifi or Bluetooth and exfiltrate these keystrokes to discern passwords and other sensitive data.

What Puts Networks at Risk for Rogue Access Points & Devices?

The best way to prevent rogue access points and unauthorized devices on your network is to scrutinize each device that joins it as a potential threat, consistent with zero trust monitoring approaches. The Pwn Pulse Security Platform does exactly that, and prevents threats due to the the ability of unknown, cloaked and malicious devices to gain access to trusted devices and connections.


The advent of bring your own device is convenient for workers, but a nightmare for network security. For one, devices that leave the office are more likely to be lost or stolen. But more complicated is the issue of unmanaged BYOD, and how they can be a conductor for rogue devices.


This is the biggest issue most companies face in terms of rogue device access. If you don’t know what’s on your network, you can’t tell if your network security is at risk. Pulse eliminates this problem completely by automatically detecting and alerting you about rogue devices on or near your network.


Shadow IT is used by employees working around inefficient systems without the authorization of the IT department. An example of this would be texting about sensitive company information rather than using a protected email system. Another example would be a cell phone used as MiFi device to exfiltrate data by-passing the security infrastructure. Shadow IT systems are likely more vulnerable to rogue devices because they are not actively protected by the IT department.


Third party vendors used by companies often have access to sensitive information or data from their client company. If their networks are not monitored, rogue devices may be able to access your information on the third party’s system. Pulse can monitor your security policy for you. This will ensure that a third party vendor has the same rogue device detection capabilities that you do.

Pwnie Express Brings Complete Rogue Device Protection

All it takes to build or buy a rogue device is $20 and an internet connection. A security breach can potentially cost a business everything. How do you protect yourself against something so pervasive?

You get Pulse.

Pulse protects against rogue devices and access points with:

Built-in rogue device rules that immediately alert of network threats

Automatic detection for malicious hardware on or near your network

Discovery and tracking for every device on your network

The ability to track device behavior and changes

Immediate alerts for perceived rogue devices and access points

User-friendly visualization of all threat alerts and tasks

As criminals continue to build cheap, easy-to-use devices to steal your sensitive data, breach networks, compromise security, attack devices, and try to open rogue access points, Pulse will constantly detect and alert any threat to your network.
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