How Ciena Healthcare Protects Patient Data While Enhancing Care with Connected Devices 

iStock-527567529-1.jpgIn this webcast, Shawn Campbell, Ciena’s Chief Information Security Officer, shows how Ciena is able to improve patient care while managing the security and compliance risks introduced by connected medical devices.

How were Shawn and his security team able to do this? By focusing on complete vision and awareness of all connected devices on Ciena’s network.

You will learn how Shawn and Ciena:

  • Perform continuous network asset discovery for all wired, wireless and Bluetooth medical devices in a highly distributed environment
  • Monitor all wired and wireless networks and devices across their 80+ sites
  • Ensure mission-critical devices are not connecting to insecure or untrusted networks and devices
  • Meet HIPAA compliance regulations
  • Achieve all of this with a two-person security staff