50 Billion Devices, and you don't control any of them. 

The world is increasingly connected. Phones, laptops, tablets, printers, watches, thermostats, fitness trackers, drones (and more) are all Internet-enabled, and they all provide gateways into company networks and data. Every device, whether actually connected to the network or to devices on the network, expands the threat surface well beyond the visibility of existing network security tools. These devices may be in the hands of the employee connecting to your network, the unknown contractor walking through a branch office, or the malicious actor who placed a rogue hacking device in the lobby of headquarters.

Pwnie Express provides the only real-time wireless and wired device threat detection platform, PulsePulse provides broad-spectrum device visibility and monitoring covering BYOx/mobile, Wireless, Bluetooth and wired to find the devices putting your company at network.


 IoT Security

Organizations today can't see what's actually on their network. The Internet of Things (IoT) dramatically expands the number of connected devices in the enterprise, exposing company's to a entirely new level of risk. Pulse continuously monitors for and identifies any connected device, so that you can see all devices connected to or around your network.


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Rogue Device Detection

Hardware costs less and the bad guys know more. Building cheap devices that can capture sensitive data, breach networks, compromise existing security solutions, attack devices and networks, is easier than ever. Pulse immediately detects and alerts for the rogue devices that are compromising your network.

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Wireless Network Security

Existing wireless security solutions were built for WAP management, not security.  They assume you have complete control over all devices connecting to a single vendor network. Pulse is a wireless security solution built to secure all wireless, Bluetooth and wired devices, across your entire organization, regardless of vendor.

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Distributed Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments and network visbility into remote sites and branch offices are a serious challenge in highly distributed organizations. Pulse provides a distributed network visibility and assessment solution that requires no local resource, and provides continous devices monitoring, and vulnerability assessment.

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BYOD Policy Enforcement

Opening up your network to employee devices introduces an entire new set of threats into your organization.  Without the ability to control the devices itself, how will you secure your network and data? Pulse provides the visibility and control you need to build and enforce BYOD policies that work, without agents.  

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