Distributed security for the distributed enterprise

Remote locations are the weakest link.

Headquarters and datacenters are more secure than ever, but unsecured remote locations and branch offices provide the easiest access to your network. With higher employee turnover, a lack of security budget and staffing, and a lack of network visibility, remote sites and branch offices remain a serious challenge to a complete security plan.  

While the primary focus of security has been headquarters, it only takes one critical vulnerability at a connected, unprotected remote location to make the entire business vulnerable to attack. Hackers know this, and they use this path of least resistance.

Companies need cost-effective, easy to deploy solutions that continuously show them who and what is connected to all parts of their networks.


Need more staff for branch offices or remote sites?

Pulse extends the capabilities of your existing staff with prioritized alerting of all unauthorized, vulnerable, malicious, misconfigured, or suspicious devices at all locations, including remote sites and branch offices, and provides your team with central management for scalable, continuous device visibility across your workplaces, from HQ to remote and branch offices. This intelligence and interactive reporting enables your team to make immediate decisions, confidently.

Built with distributed enterprises in mind, Pulse has been optimized for highly distributed organizations.