Continuous, comprehensive wireless network monitoring

Can you see what's near your network?

Can your wireless security solution see everything on or around your network? Most wireless solutions were built for an era of wireless networks with only a few devices, all controlled by the enterprise.

Today's wireless network security needs to focus on the wireless devices themselves, whether or not you control them.

Pulse helps anyone in the organization see a threat, so wireless network security and threat response can more easily be visualized across the entire organization. With helpful dashboards to visualize the problem across all sensors from one location, security teams can get buy-in across the organization around wireless network security processes and tools like:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Network scans
  • Devices bridging networks

Pulse provides a full list of all devices currently or previously on or around the network. Rules and automatic tagging give you the ability to quickly categorize devices or access points labeled as “high risk” or “unknown.”


With distributed vulnerability management, wireless network assessments, and remote pentesting, Pulse can make compliance easier for:

  • PCI

  • NERC


  • FERC

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